Appropriations for Kidney Cancer Research - Update

On Thursday, June 28th, there was concurrent House and Senate action on the FY19 Defense Appropriations Act.

Here is where we stand in the Federal funding (appropriations) process:

HOUSE:   The full House approved their version of the Defense Appropriations Act.

SENATE: The full Senate Committee on Appropriations marked up and approved their version of the Defense Appropriations Act.

NEXT STEPS:  With this markup (final amendment process) of both Defense and Labor-HHS (Health & Human Services) Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Appropriations has now cleared each of its FY19 bills. 

However, the big question is "How many of these bills will be brought to the Senate floor in the coming weeks?." 

Democrats will likely insist that the “domestic” appropriations bills first be approved before the Defense bill can come up.  The Senate majority is consider packaging the Defense and Labor-HHS bills together.  This could mean that we won’t even see the Senate bill on the floor until after the November elections.  Stay tuned for more news over the next few weeks.

The good news for kidney cancer community is the FY'19 Defense bill has an increase of $5 Million annually for kidney cancer research to a total of $20 Million. KCAN will keep you updated as this important piece of legislation moves forward.