Politico on the mysterious 302(b)'s

HAC (House Appropriations Committee) and SAC (Senate Appropriations Committee) coordinate FY 19 302(b)s

Politico reported that the HAC and SAC Chairmen are working to coordinate their FY 19 302(b)s.   
We have also heard that SAC Chairman Richard Shelby is working with Vice Chairman Patrick Leahy.

Politico story

Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby said today that GOP spending leaders are planning to closely coordinate their subcommittee allocations in an attempt to fast-track bills to the floor this summer. Shelby and House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen discussed the funding levels for individual bills, known as 302(b)s, in a closed-door meeting today. Shelby told POLITICO after the meeting that he and Frelinghuysen plan to match 302(b)s "as much as we can.""We're going to work together to try to come to regular order, and we know that's a challenge," Shelby told POLITICO. "We're hoping it's workable, we want to make it efficient and we want to do our jobs."When asked if the House would match the Senate's 302(b)s this year, Frelinghuysen told POLITICO after the meeting: "We're going to be working very closely together."

The New Jersey Republican added that he and Shelby, an Alabama Republican, are "on the same page."

Closely coordinating 302(b)s would be a shift from last year, when the House and Senate panels started with vastly different spending levels for their individual fiscal 2018 bills. House appropriators were told to write their bills assuming that sequestration would actually go into effect, while Senate appropriators wrote their bills using the previous year's funding levels.

The 302(b) allocations - which determine how much of Congress' overall spending pot for fiscal 2019 goes to each of the 12 subcommittees - are expected to be released any day now. Both Appropriations panels are planning to release their first bills within weeks.

(Source: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/04/23/government-spending-appropriations-bill-congress-545744